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A Happening In The Moment The Creation of Time

Time is ‘created’ by the occurrence of an ‘event’ that presupposes memory. If we recognize that in order to perceive the present, a sense of the past and future must be maintained simultaneously with a sense of the present, the idea that time is all in the same place is possible. The created times are intertwined in small units, and their exact locations and relationships are ambiguous. They vary in size and direction and act as elements that evoke different emotions. It is a symbol of memory and sensation. Therefore, the form of time that each person encounters and experiences is different. We think we're spending time together, but no one spends the same amount of time. The common illusion of the present is because we rely on a social way of thinking that the probabilities of ‘events’ can be simply figured out.

I think of another bundle that is not an index of the tamed time we have been comfortably bound to. By experiencing discrepancies between intentions and results, unfinished events, etc., we can look into the other side of potential 'events'. We acknowledge evidence of emotional perception that cannot be understood as general principles within the structure of reality, and trace the different ways of existence of all potential things that have not yet been discovered.

<Happening> Exhibition

Public Exhibition Free Entry

From March 11th - 23rd

Lerici Namsan, 138 Sowol-ro

Opening Ceremony Invite- only

March 9 - 10

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